Our Direction is clear to our Destiny

Vision and Mission

In this race of predominance and chase for success, the businesses tend to forget that their major focus should be on safety, especially road safety. Hence, TNT Surveillance’s vision is to provide the World a safer commuting experience and to live up to their mission of ensuring safe journeys, they pledged to supply quality solutions and world-class services, since every life matters and every life has the right to be in a safer environment.

Our Most Valued Asset: Our People

To commence a business is an easy task but to keep it going on is onerous. Due to our assets, our journey to our customers’ hearts is swifter and easier. Their dedication, teamwork, determination and agility permits them to walk an extra mile for our customers. In case one wishes to go fast, one should go solitary but if one wishes to go far, one must find a company. Hence we believe in executing a task together and our team strives to achieve even the impossible by adhering to our company core values.


A decade in the safety and surveillance Industry, TNT Surveillance is the leading expert in installing safety and surveillance solutions in Singapore.  
Our IT and Development teams ensure they offer world-class technology to our clientele. With our competitive prices, high-end products and professional team that offers unwavering support, TNT Surveillance is a one-stop source for safety and surveillance solutions.  

We believe in CARE:

Cutting-edge Technology in Artificial Intelligence

Agile Project Management Team

Reliable & Value-adding Solutions

Excellent Customer Services


Our success is evident by the fact that we deployed Mobile Surveillance Systems in over 5000 public buses across South-east Asia and close to 1500 Prime movers in PSA Port, Singapore.  
At TNT Surveillance, customer satisfaction is deemed to be the highest honour any company can be bestowed with. We value our client's time and money, hence make efforts to fulfill every project within the given timeline. Moreover, our equipment is of superior quality that  satiates the needs of most sectors including the public transport, logistics, schools, hospitals, military and so on.  

Our Esteemed Clients

Our Core Team

Born in the year 2010, the organization was initially captained by Mr. Joshua Tan and Mrs. Ivy Lee, accompanied by our talented core team. Though we had humble beginnings, yet we managed to taste success in no time. A company that commenced with a handful of individuals has now burgeoned into a close-knit family of over 50.

Not only training our employees, but also polishing their existing skills and encouraging them in acquiring new skills is how we transform our team members into gems. Whether it is official or social activities, it is ensured that all employees are treated at par with management. The best thing about us is we don’t make any employee feel like an outsider. Once an employee enters our premises, he/she is treated like a family and whether any work-related or personal issue, employee has the benefit of approaching the management at any given time.

Being there for employees is the minimal reward any management can offer their employees. When the work culture is an outrush of positivity, the outcome is compelled to be positive and that’s the secret recipe of our success.