T-Guard is a complete system that provides utmost safe driving management for all the vehicles. This enhances driver's behaviour by using analysts to maintain vehicle condition. Moreover, it is cost-efficient since it helps to lower the rates of accidents.


Telematics is the need of the hour for fleet owners since it makes fleet monitoring a cakewalk for them. Though telematics’ positive impact has fallen on major businesses, yet the fleet managing companies are the true beneficiaries. T-Telematics Fleet Management System supports the fleet operators in data visualisation on bespoke software platforms, and in managing their resources optimally. Enhanced reliability, proliferated efficiency and augmented customer service are the offspring of Telematics Fleet Management System.

T-Fleet Management System

A complete solution for fleet owners to manage their fleet, irrespective of its size and type!

TNT Surveillance provides a superior Fleet Management System that boasts of its capacity to display up to 64 channels of live feed at any given point in time. In other words, supervising large fleets has become easier and swifter. Furthermore, accessing the system is as simple as installing the T-Vast application on PC, phone or visiting the web browser.

T-Command Centre

Life is precious, so guarding lives 24/7 is our Command Center (CC). The CC’s prime focus is to supervise and correlate a response to events that may happen on road. A moment of fatigue, distraction or speeding may cost many lives, hence guarding your drivers round the clock so that they drive safe and in turn, safeguard passengers onboard, pedestrians and other vehicles on road.


T-Integration is an option furnished to those customers who are inclined towards merging various options of our business solutions for the amelioration of their fleet safety and performance. These options can be a combination of Surveillance cameras, T-Guard, TNTS’ latest Artificial Intelligence (AI) tech. releases, existing customer systems and other sensor-based products. Depending on the fleet size, TNTS offers customized dashboards and reports to fleet owners. Such customized solutions not only satisfy our customers’ needs but also assist them in a swifter execution of their job.