"Tomorrow: your reward for working safely today."

~ Robert Pelton

Safety is not accidental but a top priority with us. Hence, the range of security and surveillance solutions we offer is also diverse. We provide customized solutions to our esteemed clients to suit their requirements and budget. 

Business Solutions

T-Guard T-Guard is a complete system that provides utmost safe driving management for all the vehicles. Read more T-Telematics Telematics is the need of the hour for fleet owners since it makes fleet monitoring a cakewalk for them. Read more T-Fleet Management A complete solution for fleet owners to manage their fleet, irrespective of its size and type. Read more T-Command Centre Life is precious, so guarding lives 24/7 is our Command Center (CC). Read more T-Integration T-Integration is an option furnished to those customers who are inclined towards merging various options of our business solutions for the amelioration of their fleet safety and performance. Read more

Why TNT Surveillance?

We believe in CARE:
Cutting-edge Technology in Artificial Intelligence
Agile Project Management Team
Reliable & Value-adding Solutions
Excellent Customer Service


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Featuring the pillars of TNT Surveillance! We have 7 pillars, whose critical planning and strategy ensure our quality standards are not compromised and they constantly strive for the company's growth.

  • Project Management and Engineering
  • IT & Development
  • Value Adding Team
  • Command Centre
  • HR and Admin
  • Finance
  • Supply Chain

Our Esteemed Clients

TNTS has demonstrated good cooperation and provided very professional team to ensure quality in installing & commissioning of all KZ Tech's CCTV projects.

KZ Tech Marketing & Supplies Pte Ltd

We acknowledge the contribution of TNT Surveillance Pte. Ltd. to the success of all our projects and appreciate their dedicated support to add value to the end customer.

SSTA Technology Development Pte Ltd

The support and dedication extended by TNT Surveillance Pte. Ltd. is noteworthy and we look forward to have a liaison with them for our future projects as well.


SBST feels gratified by the services offered by TNTS. The professionalism and efficiency displayed by TNTS team is commendable. Not only pre-sales but also post-sales support was good.

SBST Transit Ltd

TNT Surveillance Pte Ltd has offered immense support in the installation and commissioning of surveillance equipment. We wish them the best in their future endeavours.

Chuan-Fa Auto Pte Ltd

We hope TNT Surveillance does the best for their future projects as well. Their quality products and services are worth mentioning and not to forget their dedication towards their work.



The Life Saving Alerts

TNT Surveillance, being the solution provider, installed cameras for their customer, Allied Containers for their ‘B-double’ (the exclusively designed 80 feet container) with the best possible surround angle of cameras and surround sensors to assist the driver alert, safety and convenience. It also possesses a T-DA (Driver alert) system to enhance the vehicle’s safety, especially when driving a long vehicle, to avert the driver from any distraction or fatigue. Allied Containers use our T-DA and T-FA (Fatigue alert) systems and The Ministry of Manpower (MOM) also interviewed them for their safety concerns and initiatives.

I-SAW-U: Another Name for Safe Rides

TNTS also partnered with ST Lands (previously known as STK) to provide and integrate cameras and sensors in the well-developed Integrated Smart Advanced Warning Unit(I-SAW-U). It consists of four cameras and six sensors installed at the front, rear and on top of the buses. So far, over 400 single deck and double deck buses in Singapore have been installed with I-SAW-U.

Golden Eye: The Saviour

Golden Eye or Anti-Fatigue system is an onboard system installed in vehicles to detect drivers’ fatigue while driving. The driver is alerted through a vibration on his seat in case he’s detected with loss of focus.

A Vigilant Eye On Offenders

TNT Surveillance onboard cameras were installed to detect offenders who violated and drove on designated bus lanes during bus lane hours. After installation of these cameras, there was a drastic drop in the number of offenders within years.

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