Passenger counter APC2 is a professional Automatic Passenger Counter which adopts 3D imaging techniques. It can be applied to vehicles like shuttle buses, tourism buses, etc. Its accuracy is as high as 99% during normal time, and over 98% in peak period as well. Owing to its advanced technology and special design, it can adapt to different light and weather conditions, as well as accurately detect the entry or exit direction of passengers. Besides, user can connect the network or RS485 port to the mobile DVR, and transmit the passenger data to platform to have analysis management of passenger data.


Main Features

Suitable for Various Weather Conditions

  • Adopts the latest 3D imaging techniques
  • Not be interfered by light or shadow. Shares the same high accuracy with patented image recognition algorithm during daytime and night and is not interfered by light or shadow

High Accuracy

  • Accuracy is over 99% in normal time
  • Accuracy is over 98% in peak period
  • Overall accuracy is over 98%

Easy to maintain

  • Supports remote upgrade, algorithm will be optimized from time to time
  • The system parameters can be imported or exported
  • Auto upload fault
  • Remote upload by Easy Check.