Project Management and Engineering

Our robust Project Management team supports and manages projects that surpasses our customers' expectations. With more than 10 years of experience in executing and liaising with projects, they are the core management for ensuring all customer requirements are met as per standards. Crucial timeline management and Manpower allocation is also taken care of.

Under them, they have 10 teams (3 pax per team) of elite installation manpower to handle our daily tasks and projects. The significance of "Every life matters" constantly rule their minds and they are planning ahead for the implementation of safety equipment within a specific timeline.

IT & Development

Fortified with strong IT knowledge, Edwin and his team is constantly exploring the latest software, security and system to support our cutting-edge technology and equipment so as to meet the standards of IT security. 

With 8 years of exposure in surveillance equipment, Edwin is a pro in research and development of our products to suit our customers' requirements. He also explores new technology to enhance the significance of road safety for all users.

Value Adding Team

The value adders focus on reaching out to the mass market, planning, strategy and significance of road safety. 

Under his belt, Rahman has several remarkable projects that enabled him to realize the significance of road safety. How our equipment is able to deter or reduce road accidents, has spearheaded Rahman to ensure our systems are a household name, when it comes to “Road Safety”.

Safeguarding the drivers is as significant as those around the drivers. Based on Rahman's experience and exposure to transport industry's bigwigs, he is spearheading his Value Added Team to ensure our systems indeed save lives.

Command Centre (CC)

Command Centre acts as a saviour behind the screen to monitor drivers throughout their driving period and in case an event of fatigue or distraction occurs, they directly call the driver to alert him of an impending accident. It is to ensure his safety and the safety of others on the road, while the vehicle is on the move.

The Command Centre also collects and analyzes the data and compiles a report. Besides that, it ensures the system settings are all in proper order and takes action when alarm is activated. It also reports to the Maintenance team in case there's a technical loophole.

HR and Admin

HR is the face of any organization since it deals with the most valuable assets of the organization, its employees. Handling staff relations, payroll, welfare and training falls under HR. Enhancing the company's human resources by designing, recruiting and interviewing program, counselling managers on staff selection, organizing and scrutinizing exit interviews etc. are also a part of HR job responsibility. Dealing with phone calls, email enquiries, arranging appointments, providing conference facilities and managing general office responsibilities such as stationery ordering etc. are a part of HR and Admin department.

Compiling reports and presentations on HR metrics, updating company policies and aiding in hiring process is another function of HRA. Offering administrative support to managers, Sales personnel and Senior management and making physical and digital employee records such as employment and leave records are all HRA job responsibilities.


Finance is considered to be the backbone of any organization. Finance department takes care of generating financial reports related to expenditure, budget, account payables and account receivables. It deals with budgeting and evaluating for company business and collaborates with external auditors and tax negotiators. It also monitors payments and bank deposits. It creates and implements financial policies to assure operational efficiency and performs timely financial analysis to discover and sort out issues.

 Apart from these, the finance department also prepares invoices and balance sheets, contributes to financial audits and ensures all financial records are updated with the recent transactions and transformations.

Supply Chain

Supply Chain Manager takes care of organizing, implementing and keeping track of the entire supply chain strategy so that efficiency and productivity can be maximized. They collaborate with Finance, Sales, Operations, Customer Service and Manufacturing teams to ascertain best vendors. Not only that but also maintaining cordial relationships with vendors fall under their job responsibility. Offering constructive feedback to the teams they liaise with, training, evaluating others, managing Inventory, delivering project-based items across the island, liaising with manufacturers for stock and proposing solutions for process refinements also form a part of their work profile.

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