A complete solution for fleet owners to manage their fleet, irrespective of its size and type!

Entitles to Easier App Installation

TNT Surveillance provides a superior Fleet Management System that boasts of its capacity to display up to 64 channels of live feed at any given point in time. In other words, supervising large fleets has become easier and swifter. Furthermore, accessing the system is as simple as installing the T-Vast application on PC, phone or visiting the web browser.

Augments Multi-vehicle Monitoring

This application has given an upswing to multi-vehicle monitoring by adding multiple vehicles to a single account, facilitating switch between vehicles within the application and sending notifications for all the fleet vehicles. It permits you to monitor not only vehicle usage but also driver driving behaviour on a single dashboard.

Expedites Workflow

The CCTV Fleet Management System allows auto download of data by various categories. In case, you wish to view only the fatigue driving footage, you can download and view that specific footage, by scheduling an auto download, at your convenience.

One of the most concerned areas for a business is the management of its Accounts Payable. And with T-Fleet Management System in action, you can put your worries to rest. You can sort out invoice issues over the phone with a customer by merely looking for their invoice and the clerical job also eases as you don’t have to contact other departments seeking information since all the information you need is a click away, with our software in action.

Our software also offers auto adaptive network technology that enables our operations and networks to be extra adaptable to respond to a constantly changing competitive terrain and customer demands that need cogent mix of man controlled and monitored automated operative procedures, analytical intelligence and a basic programmable infrastructure.

Enables Live View Playback

In case of any alarming incident, no need to fret since the video feed of the incident would be automatically uploaded to the evidence centre and it is also convenient to playback and export. So real-time video, location and metadata can be received and shared via email through encrypted or standard format that is permitted to be viewed over approval. Guarding privacy is significant, hence the mosaic function can be enabled to protect the passengers’ identity.

Allows Evidence Download

If only a glimpse of an important moment in the evidence is required, the time shift function can be used to simplify the process. It exactly allows you to watch that particular moment so that the data usage can be minimised. If all the evidence requires to be submitted immediately, compiling the information can be quite a hassle, but not with TNTS’ management system. It aids in the auto-download of black box data and video data on specified network, due to which, managing fleet, right from driver management to vehicle management is lubricated, in turn, enhancing fleet productivity. It can also remotely access our surveillance camera from T-Vast and detect events much closely with its pan, tilt and zoom action.

Permits Geofencing

The system also monitors the vehicle activity within geofence zones, irrespective of the fence shapes, whether line, circle or polygon. Our Fleet Management System can customise and create geofences over opted regions. Programmed to geofence even smaller regions for a better output, it sends live alerts once a tracked vehicle is in or out of the geofenced region. Various mapping systems like Google Maps or OpenStreetMap can also be chosen to track the vehicles.