Telematics is the need of the hour for fleet owners since it makes fleet monitoring a cakewalk for them. Though telematics’ positive impact has fallen on major businesses, yet the fleet managing companies are the true beneficiaries. T-Telematics Fleet Management System supports the fleet operators in data visualization on bespoke software platforms, and in managing their resources optimally. Enhanced reliability, proliferated efficiency and augmented customer service are the offspring of Telematics Fleet Management System.

Our ingenious system offers multiple benefits than just vehicle location (via longitude and latitude GPS coordinates). Neoteric Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology displays vehicle activity, vehicle speed, event type, event duration, driver ID, driving behavioural pattern (Revving, Harsh braking, Accelerating, Speeding, Idling, Cornering), video link, fuel and engine records etc., in real-time. Even visual evidence of crash can be attained for probing purposes.

Improves Productivity

There is a play back event option through which an event can be accessed using a link on a web page. The Anti-Fatigue System (T-FA) and the Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) support in play back event on driver’s behaviour. Besides that, the T-FA also supports face recognition and helps us detect whether the driver-on-duty was authorised to drive the vehicle. Such monitoring helps your drivers perform better since they realize they are under scanner 24/7.

Reduces Labour and Operational Costs

Our system is adept in sending a two-way message, both audio and text, among driver and control station for job status updates. Furthermore, panic alarm is equipped to ensure driver safety, track driver’s speed, route inefficiencies and immoderate idling, thereby saving costs.

Permits GPS Fleet Tracking

Our software sends geofence based alerts, in case a vehicle arrives or leaves the geofenced area and that makes vehicle tracking easier. Also, geofencing acts as a guard against vehicle robbery. By creating a geofence for the areas your vehicle is likely to travel, you can safeguard it from theft. You will be notified if the vehicle leaves the geofenced area or is stolen.

Monitors round the clock

We are well informed that accidents occur predominantly during the dark hours and preventive measures have to be taken to pull the strings. Multiple teams are designated to monitor your fleet drivers round the clock and take imperative actions to avert accidents. Our CC team provides support 24/7 to safeguard drivers, passengers and pedestrians, thereby empowering road safety.

Befits Vehicle of Any Make

With an experience of a decade and an outstanding reputation in the surveillance equipment industry, TNTS can help you say goodbye to your trepidations on your vehicle safety. Our solutions are agile and they are capable of fulfilling your requirements to the tee.

Installs Free Trial

We believe, a safe commuting experience is every individual’s right and to extend this experience to the commuter, we offer you a free trial of our innovative system on your vehicle so that you can experience the boons of our system before making up your mind to go for it.

Delivers Quality Installation Techniques

Our certified engineers take care of device fitments and their expertise would ensure that your vehicles are in safe hands. They are trained in-house and put through varied levels of evaluations to serve you better.

Directs Customised Alerts

You can receive customised alerts related to fatigue, distraction, harsh braking, idling, speeding, cornering etc. via any platform or device through sms or email.

Offers User-friendly Software

Our user-friendly software makes your job of supervising your fleet easier, that too at no extra price.

Allows Easy Access to Reports

You can opt for either weekly or monthly reports based on your requirement and they will be automatically delivered to you. Reports may vary from driver logs to driver’s behaviour to distance covered to fuel consumption etc., that would help you evaluate your drivers’ performance. Moreover, it would assist you in setting up efficiency as well as risk management.

Limits data flow to apt user

Our system defends your in-house privacy and safety by possessing unlimited users to specified hierarchical clearance. Approval to view and supervise specified vehicle clusters or features rely on users’ role.

Minimise Insurance Premiums

With TNTS, you can enjoy a completely tailored insurance plan that ensures your money doesn’t go futile on others’ bad driving behaviours. It enhances driving behaviour and curtails insurance premiums.

With an ease of managing multiple fleets and flexibility with which our software can be tailored in line with your requirements, aided by data proofs to adopt the supreme management module for the success of your business, T-Telematics Fleet Management System is too good a choice to be overlooked.