Beach Cleaning, 2019

Saving the planet is our primary responsibility, especially when it is sending signals of its displeasure towards human actions. Our abuse of earth’s natural resources, deforestation, pollution, global warming, beach littering etc. are some of the serious concerns to be attended by us on priority basis. To contribute our bit in saving the planet, we went to Pasir Ris Beach to declutter it. All the plastic bottles and covers, aluminum cans, food waste and miscellaneous trash was picked up and done the needful. The task consumed the whole day but we all were quite content with what we did.

Narayana Mission Services, 2018

It was an honour to visit the Narayana Mission and spend time with the bedridden and wheelchair-bound elderly souls. There’s so much to learn from the kind of lives they lead. In spite of all the pain and sufferings they undergo, they are grateful to the Almighty for their survival. During our visit, we tried entertaining them through our singing and dancing talents and later enjoyed lunch together.

Malaysia Children Home Service (Share and Care), 2018

In 2018, we had our third visit to Malaysia, this time not one but two orphanages. The kids were entertained through games and gifts and their taste buds were satisfied with yummy delicacies. Their glowing faces and happy smiles were their return gifts to us. And the memorable trip ended with a donation offered to both the orphanages.


Jurong Town Council HDB Charity and Service, 2017

Life is not a privilege for all, but making someone’s life privileged at least for a day does matter. Hence, we proceeded to Jurong Town Council where some lower income groups were served with provisions and dinner. A day spent conversing with them and knowing their lifestyle made us realize how blessed we are. It was a great learning session for us.

Red Cross Home Service and Celebration, 2017

In 2017, we were privileged to be a part of celebration at Red Cross Home for differently abled. What a pleasure it was to decorate the home for the impending 'Chinese New Year'. All the wheelchairs were thoroughly cleaned and checked for their working status. Followed by that was some entertainment provided to the differently abled by involving them in some engaging games. Finally, they were pampered with food and beverages and a donation was offered to the home.

Malaysia Children Home Service (Share and Care), 2016

During our visit in 2016, we went to an orphanage to spend time with kids and entertain them. We took some games so that the kids would enjoy playing with us and also some gifts that they would love to own. Post the games and gifts, the kids were treated with a dinner. We all were very glad to witness many happy faces under the same roof. A decent donation was a part of our visit.