T-FA uses Artificial Intelligent (AI) to detect situations in front of the vehicle to provide early warning for driver to execute immediate action to avoid impending collision. Real time feedback/warning includes Lane Departure Warning, Forward Collision Warning (FCW), Distance Monitoring and Pedestrian Detection. It works with our T-Watch to provide
real time visual and audio warning to the driver.


Main Features

  • Lane Departure Warning System
    When drivers change lane unintentionally without triggering left/right signal light, the T-Watch will display a Lane Departure Warning.
  • Forward Collision Warning
    When the current speed and distance from the front vehicle is less than the preset threshold, the T-Watch will display the distance & time to alert the driver.
  • Distance Monitoring
    The T-FA camera can detect the distance from vehicle ahead in real-time during driving. The T-Watch will show the distance between the vehicles ahead in meters and will alert driver if it is dangerous following the distance with vehicle in front.
  • Pedestrian Detection
    When the pedestrian is detected in front of the vehicle while driving, the T-Watch will alert the driver to avoid any impending collision.